For my current action-oriented research on food sovereignty, agroecology, permaculture and urban farming I immerse myself in the world of food growers and food collectives.

On I report on this research. This site also serves to collect interesting articles, links etc.

My academic research focuses on the interrelations between science, technology, society and nature (see Publications). In my PhD thesis I analysed transdisciplinarity in river science with an eye on the governance of science and the transformation of landscape through theory and technology. A similar analysis of coastal science followed. Their comparison allowed me to draw conclusions on the co-production of biodiversity restoration and flood defense in the Netherlands, and to assess effects of neoliberalism in science. A contribution to a European project on agri-environmental problems (CRêPE) focused on the role of research in environmental action as experienced by organisations in the Netherlands. In France, I contributed to several interdisciplinary assessments of climate engineering. In my analysis of stratospheric climate geoengineering I made use of a particular lens in technology assessment to scrutinize speculative promise. The analysis also builds on insights from the environmental humanities. A project in collaboration with colleagues in India focused on socio-ecological issues and controversies around the Polavaram multipurpose megadam (publication forthcoming).

Employers and affiliations

VU Amsterdam, Institute for Environmental Studies (IVM), Department of Environmental Policy Analysis (affiliation)

IFRIS (Institut Francilien Recherche Innovation Société)  and Centre Alexandre Koyré EHESS/CNRS/MNHN (post-doc fellowship analysis of climate engineering)

Rathenau Institute (project on knowledge integration river science and coastal science)

University of Twente (PhD project on river science and EU-CREPE project)

University of Amsterdam (evaluation of planning process Veluwe Border Lakes)