Privacy statement (English)

Privacy statement Mieke van Hemert Onderzoek en Tekstwerk / Research and Editing

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Which personal data do I receive, for which purpose?

When you ask my services, I need your name, email address and billing address. Upon payment I also receive a bank account number. If the service that I deliver would require using other personal data, this will be layed down in a written statement upon mutual agreement and in accordance with the law. On no occasion I will make use of special personal data.

How will these personal data be handled?

I take utmost care in guaranteeing your privacy. The personal data that I receive are stored on computer devices and data storage devices that are maximally protected. My accountant receives my company data in accordance with Dutch fiscal law. My webhost and internet provider register data which include website visits and email correspondence. I chose my providers with great care and with an eye on their privacy and data security policies. I do not receive any personal data via my websites, I only receive information on how often my websites are visited.

How long will the personal data be stored?

Whenever you contact me or ask for a quote, but do not ask my services, I delete your data after one month. Whenever you ask my services, I store the data as long as required by Dutch fiscal law. Your data will be deleted when this term has ended.

What are your rights concerning the personal data?

For access to your personal data and/or to correct them, please contact me by email. You have the right to lodge a complaint at the Dutch Data Protection Agency.

Legal grounds:

GDPR as a pdf on the Dutch Data Protection Agency website

Privacy statement issued 20 May 2018