Current research

Scientific, technological and societal conditions for sustainability are central to my research. My current focus is on food sovereignty, agro-ecology, permaculture and urban farming. These are concepts and practices to change the food system, to make it fairer and sounder. The  research is action-oriented and experimental. Knowledge as a common good, as part of the commons, is a guiding tenet. On the website www.knowledgeforthecommons.org (under construction) I will report on this research. This site will also serve to collect interesting articles, etc. If you are interested in my research and consider supporting it, or if you are interested in collaboration, I will be happy to talk to you. For earlier research, see Research and Publications.

Writing and editing

I write, edit and proofread texts on demand. These are mostly texts in Dutch (see Tekstwerk), except for academic writing, which I also offer in English.